Adventures of Leezoo 2014


Do you “elf on the shelf”?

We are avid “elf on the shelfers” and love the fun and joy it brings to our household each year! My hubby and I are forever thinking of new adventures that our elf, Leezoo, can get up too. It’s like reliving a tiny bit of the magic and wonder that is Christmas when you’re a child (and we’re all about being kids again!!).

This year, however, I was really wanting our elf to be more than a threat or looming reminder that “Santa is ALWAYS watching”. Although I cannot say I’m not guilty of ever using the Santa bargaining chip, I would prefer if my children learn to behave year-round, not because of a bribery for presents, but because they are learning that that is the RIGHT thing to do.

After coming across The Imagination Trees kindness elves at the end of last year’s Elf on the Shelf season, I knew I wanted to incorporate an element of community service and kindness into Leezoo’s shenanigans this year! And so begins Leezoo’s adventures for Christmas 2014! Come see what he gets up to and find out how he is encouraging kindness, while still getting up to his notorious mischief!

Day 1: Leezoo’s arrival – Wrapped our Christmas tree in toilet paper

Day 2: Leezoo is covered in band-aids

Day 3: Leezoo is baking up a storm

Day 4: Leezoo is supporting the army men

Day 5: Leezoo is a bird on a bird feeder

Day 6: Leezoo hangs Christmas socks by the fire


Come back to see what silly Leezoo gets up to next!

I will be posting each day with Leezoo’s silly mischief and the act of kindness he has suggested 🙂

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