Letter of the Week ~ R


Although my personal philosophy of letter learning is that they cannot be studied in isolation and should be learned in the context of words, as this is how we see them most often, we have a letter of the week at Mommy School.

Why, you may ask, do I do something opposite to what I just finished saying I believe in? Well, for one, we don’t study the one letter in isolation. Typically, we complete a letter craft, create a search and find sensory bin using items that begin with that letter, learn about the various sounds the letter makes in different parts of words (because the English language is crazy!) and plan our weekly fieldtrip to somewhere that begins with our letter. Sometimes, I include the letter in other ways throughout our week, but that’s often just a sweet combination of luck and coincidence!

Here’s what we got up to for Letter R Week:

Letter Dictionary:

Each of my older children gets the chance to find a hidden object that begins with our letter of the week from the rice bin.


I take a photo of the kids with their chosen objects and then have them complete their dictionary page. This week they both chose ‘Rockets’, which happens when candy is an option, I suppose! Little Momma writes a sentence and illustrates, “R is for Rockets.” and Mr Man copies the upper and lower case letter and then draws his chosen object.


Letter Craft:

R is for Raccoon.


To make your own: Pre-cut an upper-case letter R from blue/gray construction paper. Provide black ears, mask, stripes, nose, claws and some googly eyes.

IMG_3432 Field Trip: 

R is for rest, reading, Rio and racing! For this week’s field-trip Friday Mommy was feeling under the weather, and so Little Momma suggested some R & R at home!

IMG_3436     IMG_3438


Hot Wheels Races:

IMG_3439     IMG_3440


Journal Writing: 

To end-off our week the kids each spend some time writing in their journals about our weekly field trip. Often it is pictures for my younger guy with a few scribed sentences, while my eldest will write a few simple sentences on her own, using her word wall, ‘best guess’ spelling and some assistance from myself (she’s my perfectionist!).

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