Camp Google


Anyone else partaking in this fun and interactive online summer camp put on by Google?

Fun weekly themes, such as, oceans, space, nature and music, presented by experts from National Geographic Kids, Khan Academy, NASA and National Parks.


We joined in yesterday for the live dive and although the feed was so busy that it wouldn’t load, we were able to participate in the interactive voting and question posing, which the kids found exciting. And when we went back on today, we were able to watch the dive from yesterday in its entirety.

They also have these awesome badges and a badge tracker page to collect and display all of your little one’s accomplishments – a real fun bonus!

image  image  image

My kids are a few years under the target age range (7-10), but we are still having a blast learning and exploring together

If you have yet to come across Camp Google, it is definitely worth checking out!

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