About Us


I’m Sarah.

Fierce Momma of 3 crazy, wonderful littles; Little Momma, Mr Man and Baby Girl

Teacher, formerly for reals, now I only play one at home!

Wife of a wannabe comic, who makes me laugh everyday.

Find me over here, just soaking in the chaos and beauty of my life, one cup of coffee at a time!

{This is my Family. My Everything.}

Hubby ~ Amazing Daddy. Funny. Scattered. Driven. His free spirit and my OCD  compliment each other well, allowing us to be perfectly, imperfect together!


Little Momma ~ Sweet and stubborn. Bossy and kind. Sensitive, sure and smart. In so many ways. Challenges me daily to be a more patient mom. And although she can be difficult to parent, I can see her developing a strong sense of self that I know will serve her well in life and that makes me so very proud!


Mr Man ~ A funny little ball of energy and love. Lives and breathes all things hockey. Loves with his whole heart, which he wears on his sleeve. The word “No” or a mere stern glance make him genuinely sad. Possesses an orb of protection for those he loves and when upset is detected he is liable to transform into a catastrophic wrecking force that  can be wildly sweet, but usually just plain wild!


Baby Girl ~ Happy, smiley baby. Keeper of an over-sized security blanket named, Mom. Loves her brother and sister like mad. Enjoys watching their daily adventures, and yet is beyond anxious to join their ranks! Our easiest baby to date, which makes me sceptical about what her future holds for us!


{ Welcome to our space – grab a tea and stay awhile, we’d love to get to know you 🙂 }

** I also blog with two lovelies I’m happy to call friends at 3scoops.ca where we do our part to end the ‘Mommy Wars’ by showing that from all walks of mommyhood we are all doing our best and that’s awesome! **

 <Photos Courtesy of Erin Petruska Photography>