Feed the Birds


It’s been a cold, long winter here and while we have been able to cozy up by the fire, the birds have been left to the elements.

And so we have been doing our part to keep them fed – here are a couple of our favourite homemade bird feeders:


Peanut Butter Sunflower Rolls:

The kids really enjoy making these ones. They are quick and easy and only require a few items.



– Peanut Butter

– Plastic Knives

– Sunflower seeds (or any birdseed)

– Bowl or plate (for rolling)

– Toilet paper rolls

– String (for hanging)

– String

IMG_3356 Method:

Allow the children to spread peanut butter onto their desired number of toilet paper rolls. Then roll in your choice of bird seed. Lace a string through the roll, tie and they are ready to hang!


Blueberry Cheerio Hearts:

These feeders are a tasty treat for the birds and also double and triple (and even quadruple!) as a snack for the kids and a fine motor and patterning activity!



– pipe cleaners

– cheerios

– blueberries



Allow kids to thread the Cheerios and blueberries onto each pipe cleaner. This is a great opportunity to encourage younger children to be more precise in their fine motor activity, especially with the blueberries, which require much less force! For older children, ask them to create and continue a pattern as they thread. Once the kids are satisfied with their creation, twist the pipe cleaner ends and bend into a cute heart shape! Hang.




 Our finished products are loved by the birds and even make the trees look pretty, but best of all, they bring the sounds of Spring to our yard…since the snow and cold don’t seem to be in a hurry to go!




 Do have a favourite way to feed the birds in you area? Care to share? We are always looking for new ideas!

♥ 100 Acts of Kindness ♥





We are accepting the 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge 2015, a fun and wonderful challenge shared by some very inspiring Mommas on the blogesphere, Kristina of Toddler Approved and Megan of Coffee Cups and Crayons.

The challenge is to keep track as you and your family complete 100 acts of kindness over the course of a month (today until Valentine’s Day!). Seems very fitting if you ask me to begin a kindness marathon on Martin Luther King’s birthday and to wrap it up on a day focused on all things nice and lovey (see those inspiring Mommas are smart too!).

We participated in this challenge last year and it was very fulfilling for our family and pretty amazing to watch our children not only want to show kindness to others, but also begin to acknowledge and show gratitude to those who showed them kindness.


This time around I REALLY want to instill in my kids that kindness doesn’t cost a penny and that it can be done without needing to purchase anything. Our family budget is currently very tight, so this is a necessity for us, but regardless I think it is invaluable to teach our children that giving of our love and time is very often much more appreciated than giving of any material items.


We began our discussion today about the challenge and the kids decided they wanted to use a heart banner to display our acts of kindness this year. We thought it would be nice to use our acts to help wrap our own home in kindness. And so we will hang our banner around the perimeter of our family room tomorrow and begin recording all of the kind things we do.


At bedtime tonight, Little Momma asked if we could write our acts of kindness down on her magnadoodle before saying prayers, so we listed them off – and I ran out of space, so we are off to a good start!


Little Momma also wanted to make note of why she acted kindly today, (and to be honest I was a little worried she would say it was at my recommendation or to try and ‘win’ the challenge) but instead she very thoughtfully shared that she “really wanted to be a nice person”.


And right there is a summation of why I LOVE this challenge and can’t wait to see how we grow in kindness and love once again this year! ♥

Leezoo: Day 11


This morning we found Leezoo held up in bed with a broken leg. Poor little lad tripped on the kids mess of toys in the playroom when he returned from the North Pole late last night.


 Leezoo thought it might be a good idea for the kids to pick-up their toys and each choose one they could share with a child who has fewer toys than they. The kids were great about choosing toys they liked, but were willing to part with, which we dropped off to the Salvation Army. 🙂


Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 10


Today Leezoo was found playing board games with some of the kids toys!


He must have known we were attending a Homeschool Workshop today, as he suggested we try to befriend someone new and be extra kind!


 Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 9


Today we found Leezoo making “elf-angels” in our rice bin.


He asked that today the kids choose an angel from a local Angel Tree Program and choose gifts to buy for them.


Little Momma chose an 8 year old girl, while Mr Man chose an 11 year old boy. They decided together that each child would like a pair of pajamas and a toy. And took great care in selecting those that would be ‘just right’ for their chosen angels. It truly is a beautiful thing to watch your children bestow kindness onto others <3

IMG_1804 IMG_1805

Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 8


 Today Leezoo, the elf, was found hiding in our fridge and had written ‘Merry Christmas’ across all of our eggs!


He suggested the kids make dinner for Mommy and Daddy tonight, which was an act of kindness if I ever heard of one!! 😉

IMG_1748  IMG_1751

They decided on making us eggy pies (muffin tin omelettes) and toast! We ate an hour later then usual, the kitchen was a disaster, but they did it all themselves. And dinner was delicious!

IMG_1752 IMG_1753

Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 7


Leezoo is missing his Sister elf, Leah today! So he has asked darling Snow White to play Leah’s part and spend the day sunning on the beach together!


He thinks the kids should think of ways to be nice to their own siblings today and then spend the day showing each other EXTRA kindness!


And look, they all played nicely within the same camera frame!

Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!