Novel Study: Freckle Juice



Little Momma LOVES to read. She loves choosing books to ‘read’ on her own, she loves choosing books for me to read with her and she loves listening to me read-a-loud – makes a book-loving Momma like me proud!

I have wanted to start reading chapter books with her for a little while now, but the chaos of our bedtime routine just wasn’t allowing the greatest of opportunities. And so choosing homeschool for her this year has been a blessing in how it has carved out some extra time to make this a possibility!

I decided to start small with a short and easy chapter book, Freckle Juice. It’s a cute little story (only 5 chapters long) about a little boy who wishes he had freckles and his endeavors of trying to get some for himself!

We read a chapter each day and then spend some time discussing (and checking for understanding) and then predicting what could happen next. From my studies (and even common knowledge really!) I knew there were great benefits to reading aloud material beyond a child’s reading level. However, after completing our first novel, I am blown away by its positive impact on Little Momma’s comprehension, recall and imagination, as well as her oral communication. Reading novels has opened up a whole new world of literature for us, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Some of our freckled fun upon finishing our novel:

Making ‘Freckle Juice’


Following the same recipe the main character does in the story, Little Momma had a blast mixing up some Freckle Juice of her own!

 IMG_0058  IMG_0057

Paper Plate Andrew

We drew the main character, Andrew’s, face on a paper plate and then used blue bingo daubers to add some fake freckles. Then we counted how many freckles he had, mine had 9, while Little Momma’s ended up with 28!



By sectionning a paper into thirds, I had Little Momma depict the beginning, middle and end of the story. She completed this task on her own and even added some words. they were not a definite beginning, middle and end, but they WERE in chronological order, so a great first step!


I am am very excited to choose our next novel and continue to read, learn and love together!

Join us on our journey and please share any novels you have read and enjoyed with the young people in your life!