Teachable Moments ~ Snails


{Teachable Moments} 

When I was teaching in the classroom, I was always striving to be an intentional teacher, who pounced readily on teachable moments as they would arise. And now as a parent, my philosophy is much the same. I am fueled by seizing these fleeting moments and doing my best to make them memorable for my children (and me too!).

Today I had planned to get a lot of chores done around the house. Seeing as the morning was beautiful I thought I’d take the kids into the backyard and get some tidy-up and weeding done while they played. But you know how the best laid plans seem to go…

Little Momma and I came across a couple of snails in the clothes peg basket and next thing I knew we were emerged in the study and search of their species!


We got out the magnifying glasses to get a closer look, pulled out our little bug cage and began researching the diet and habitat of snails on the iPad.


Next we were collecting some bedding and food for our little friends to help make their new home comfy! Added learning bonus: Little Momma became quite the expert on the differences between stems, leaves and flowers!


Little Momma was quite tickled with the end result and loved watching them glide around as they explored their new digs 🙂


And yes, my backyard is still disorganized and my garden needs weeding, but at least I know a bit more about snails 😉

Isn’t it so freeing and refreshing to just go with the flow sometimes? Care to share one of your recent teachable moments?


Cooking with Kids: Rhubarb



I love baking with my kiddos! Yes, it’s messy and makes WAY more dishes than if I just do it myself, but their excitement for the process and pride in the finished product is TOTALLY worth it!

This week, the weeds in our yard are out of control, and that means our rhubarb plants are also growing wild!!

IMG_7782   IMG_7775

And so, while Baby Girl took a much needed nap we headed out for some fresh air with scissors in hand {and a bowl of sugar on the ready!}, off to harvest us some rhubarb!

IMG_7780  IMG_7778

And by harvest, I mostly mean coat the stuff in sugar and eat it raw!

IMG_7784  IMG_7785

Once we had had our fill we headed inside to wash and cut up our rhubarb so we could get to baking!

Turns out cutting rhubarb doubles as an awesome fine motor activity, allowing for cutting practice and proper scissor holding reminders, as well as working on developing some fine motor strength!

IMG_7786 IMG_7787

And here’s what we made with our yields:


~Rhubarb Lemonade~

A few weeks back we had some rhubarb lemonade at a local Farmer’s Market and we all LOVED it! So when I came across this recipe I knew it was one we had to try!

I began by making and straining the rhubarb syrup, by boiling rhubarb, sugar, water and lemon. {We saved the pulp that we had after straining and added it to our muffin recipe (see below)!}


Then using our favourite homemade lemonade recipe, I had the kids help me squeeze the lemons and mix in the sugar and water.

IMG_7792 IMG_7791

We split the syrup between the 2 pitchers of lemonade we made and the result was delicious!


 ~Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins~

Next up, at Little Momma’s request, were some yummy Cinnamon Rhubarb Muffins.


When I do baking with the kids, I like to have everything out and ready to be poured and mixed. While this does create a lot more dishes, I enjoy the freedom it gives the kids to really be involved and hands-on in the process.


Recipes with 2 or more eggs are our favourite, seeing as cracking the egg is everyone’s favourite part! Just be sure to use a separate bowl, since shell pieces are frequent, and easier to pick out pre-batter!

 DSCN0780 DSCN0781

Then the kids took turns mixing in all of the ingredients one by one, before scooping into the muffin tin. I always use an ice cream scoop for our muffins. Perfect size and helps to minimize drips!


Sprinkling (and sampling) the cinnamon/sugar topping was a close second favourite to egg-cracking with this recipe!


And voilà – snack is served! And boy was it tasty!

 IMG_7821 (2)