A Snowy Playdate


Stuck inside on a cold day or just wishing Winter away with some hibernation…here are a few fun ideas to help make it a bit more bearable!

 We had a great little snow-themed play date with some little friends this week. It was nice to enjoy the idea of snow, seeing as ridiculously cold temperatures have been keeping us mostly indoors.

 We began with reading this adorable snowy story about what snowmen get up to while we’re sleeping – the kids thought it was great!


The littlest and bigger kids alike loved this fine motor activity that consisted of transferring little ‘snowballs’ (cotton balls) into different containers using tongs, tweezers and scoops.


We even brought some snow inside and enjoyed painting it using squirt bottles, spray bottles, droppers and paint brushes with water and food colouring. It was lots of fun – the kids came up with many different designs and especially loved covering every square inch with vibrant colour!

IMG_2845   IMG_2846

Last the kids enjoyed a cute ‘build a snowman’ craft using some small parts (beads, buttons and orange triangle pieces), felt shapes (hats and scarves), googly eyes and round cotton pads. Everyone had access to all of the materials, along with some white glue and a sheet of paper…and no two snowmen were alike!

  IMG_2848  IMG_2851

Have you done any fun winter crafts or activities lately? Please share – I’d love to see them! 🙂

“Look Whoo’s One” ~ Birthday Party


This sweet Baby Girl is 1. I don’t know how it happened, or where the year went, but according to the calendar it’s been done! It’s all toddling and talking from here on out 🙂


|Decorations| I went low key on the decorations, as we were planning to be outside (silly rain!). Simple store-bought {WalMart} tableware and birthday sign in this pattern.


Hubby was a great help in taping some eyes, ears and a beak on these cute {Pinterest inspired} owl balloons.


 |Food| I made these little owl sandwiches (à la Pinterest) and served fruits, veggies and a variety of goldfish crackers (the sort of things owls eat, right?!).


The cake is always my favourite part. See, I got it in my head early on that I always wanted to make each child’s birthday cake, so it’s special for me. I feel like all of the birthday details and fuss will probably wash away in memories, but that the love that goes into these perfectly, imperfect cakes that their Momma makes will be felt forever {I’m cheesy like that!}.

This owl was made using 2 – 8 inch round cake pans. I just free-handed the cuts & icing, and I think it turned it pretty well! the cake was chocolate, so I also made some vanilla cupcakes, to account for any preferences.


|Activities| Being a former primary teacher, I love play centers and like having them set-up for the kids to explore, especially when there are a range in ages at the younger kid’s parties.

An owl craft, with hand print wings. 


A nest-building activity for our rogue owl balloons.


An ice sensory table with some exploratory tools and a few packages of craft feathers.


A bird bath for the tiny owls using a baby pool and some ball pit balls.


Turned to be a wonderful morning, even if we DID have to be inside.

 And so it might seem Baby Girl, when you are 1, you CAN have your cake and eat it too!


Happy Birthday my sweet! And a BIG thank-you to all of our wonderful friends and family who helped us celebrate! xoxox