100th Day of Homeschool!


And just like that we have had 100 days of Mommyschool! We have read and played, learned and explored and have thoroughly enjoyed our adventure thus far!

I have been blown away (with both exhaustion and love) by this experience, but I will save my own reflection for another day.

Here’s how we celebrated 100 days of learning:

We counted to 100 using our hundreds chart and discussed how 100 was 10 groups of 10. then using 10 different water colours and Qtips we drew/dotted 100 gumballs on our gumball machine template.


We talked about how big the number 100 is. And for little ones just beginning to grasp the idea of number sense it truly is a HUGE number! I drew 2 pictures of a cup and showed them the actual cup and droppers we would use and then had the kids predict what 100 drops of water would look like.

Following their predictions we got some water (which I coloured blue to make it easier to see) and measured out 100 drops into our cups and recorded our findings. Both of them were pretty surprised at how little water we actually got from those 100 drops!


It has been frigid in our parts lately…actually all Winter, so for our daily physical activity we were indoors. We completed a 100 fitness movements challenge, which the kids LOVED and we have been doing daily ever since!

 IMG_3317  IMG_3319

We made a list of 100 words we know (even after they insisted NOBODY knows THAT many words!). And yes, ‘poop’ and ‘pee’ made the list, but so did ‘mosaic’, ‘kindness’ and ‘vehicle’, so I let it go,,,you’ve got to pick your battles, right?!


We counted out 100 Duplo blocks and experimented with what we could build with them.


We bingo-daubed 10 ten-frame caterpillars to help reinforce the concept of 100 being 10 groups of 10.


And while the littles napped, Little Momma and I had a roll the dice race to 100 – which she won, but was kind enough to help me finish, too!


We had a really fun day celebrating 100 days of homeschool, anyone else do anything to commemorate the achievement?

Summer Book Club: Is There Really a Human Race?


If there is one thing I would REALLY love to pass on to my children, it is my love of reading and books! There is so much fun and adventure awaiting in every book and this summer we will focus on one book a week (some of my personal faves!) to share, along with some activities and/or crafts you can do with your own littles at home!

Week 4: Is There Really a Human Race? by Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell


If you’ve never read this one, do it – now! It is a cute story about a little boy with many questions for his mother about life. It’s a refreshing and fun reminder that even the most weighted terms we use are both simple and silly in the eyes of a child :p Plus, it teaches us to be kind…and kindness is king around here!

Story Extensions:

M & M’s

A yummy treat and a good visual lesson to go along with it!


I gave both Little Momma and Mr Man a few M & M’s and we talked about how each was a different colour. Then they bit into each one to see that they were all chocolate on the inside. It gave us a great opening to talk about how finding similarities in others trumps pointing out the differences.


Hockey Players and Princesses


Tapping into their interests, we flipped through a Hockey Magazine and a Princess Song Book. There was great variety in how the hockey players and princesses looked, however the kids had fun finding similarities instead.

“They have hockey sticks”

“They talk to animals”

“They wear helmets”

“They love to sing”

We all agreed these common interests were far more interesting!


Colour a Rainbow


Take out a box of crayons and then choose just one colour and begin to draw a rainbow.

Little Momma was very quick to interject that I was missing colours, and that a rainbow could not be all red. Together we drew a rainbow and talked about how all the colours added something special, and saw how our own differences are much the same.


Rhythm Flags

I poured out 6 colours of paint onto some paper plates and lined up 6 music selections from around the world. We headed outside with some white fabric and barefeet and let the rhythm guide our painting!

IMG_8496  IMG_8498

With each song the kids would step into a plate of paint and then dance on their respective flags however the rhythm moved them. The end result was messy, colourful and all kinds of fun 🙂

IMG_8500   IMG_8499


What are you reading this week? 

Check out our past Summer Book Club reads:

The Troll

Amazing Grace

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Fairy Tale Week ~ The Gingerbread Man


Our third fairy tale adventure was The Gingerbread Man.

I love this one for read alouds to littles, the repetition allows for lots of fun chanting together!

Skip Counting

Using a baking sheet, some magnetic numbers and mini-gingerbread cookies, we arranged the cookies by 2’s and counted by 2’s to 10. Being able to manipulate both the numbers and the cookies helped Little Momma and Mr Man to understand the concrete meaning of 2.


Body Awareness

Draw and label the body parts of a gingerbread man (or lady!) – head, arms, body and legs. {We also ate the corresponding part on our cookies for reinforcement  ;)}.


Then we had fun singing some of our favourite body awareness, action songs!

  • Head and Shoulders

  • Hokey Pokey

  • Tony Chesnut

  • Button Factory Joe


The -an Word Family

Word families or rhyming words are great for developing pre- and early- reading strategies. I  printed all of the 3-letter -an words on gingerbread man cut-outs, then using our  letter magnets we found a and n, I would then ask Little Momma to find the corresponding letter for each of the words. After reading only 2 or 3 together, she was able to string the letters together and read each of the words independently!


Gingerbread Playdough Activity

Using gingerbread playdough, which we made by adding ginger and brown food colouring to our  favourite playdough recipe, and rolling pins, cookie cutters, cookie sheets and some decorating materials (googly eyes, beads, pipe cleaners), the littles were invited to create their very own gingerbread peeps! Weren’t they sweet??


“Catch the Gingerbread Man” Obstacle Course

I set-up a simple obstacle circuit for the littles, including a gingerbread cookie prize upon completion.

Our course consisted of:

  • throwing a football through the swing

  • jumping inside of  2 hula hoops

  • putting a golf ball into a hole

  • hitting a “homerun”

  • throwing a yoga ball into the baby pool

  • kicking the soccer ball through the pylons

  • and sliding down the little slide

It was simple for the kids to complete each task, but combining them and having them complete a few circuits and they were {finally!} beginning to slow down {a small miracle in our world!}.

Also, they chose to dress as a horse and a fox before we went outside, apparently the success rate for catching the elusive Gingerbread Man is better in costume!!


Bubble Painting a Gingerbread Cut-out

Bubbles have been a big hit around here recently and so I thought we could paint a gingerbread man using bubbles.

It’s really quite easy and worked well; you pour your bubbles into a small, easy for wand-dipping container (we used a popsicle mold, which allowed for some variety in colours) and add a few drops of desired colour (liquid food colouring) to each compartment. Then have the children dip their wands and blow bubbles onto the sheet of paper. I opted to use cardstock , as I wasn’t sure how wet the papers would get and wanted them to hold up well.

IMG_7511.JPG       IMG_7510.JPG

 And there you have our Mommy School adventures with the Gingerbread Man!

A related tale we also read and loved:

The Gingerbread Cowboy – a cute Western take on the original tale {especially well received when Daddy it in a John Wayne voice!!}.

Have you read this fairy tale yet? Do you have any other activities to add? Would love to hear and see what you’ve been up to!