I’ve been an absent blogger for far too long…but I had a great excuse ūüėÄ

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So very delighted to introduce the newest addition to our family! Meet Babykins, the beautiful little girl, who has already nuzzled her way into our hearts and has 3 adoring siblings to prove it!

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Turns out finding time to blog (let alone bathe, sleep or eat) becomes increasingly difficult with each pregnancy and additional newborn! But I am¬†finally now feeling like I’m¬†returning to “normalcy” (which in my world is really just embracing the chaos!) and am carving out some time to get back to writing and sharing here!


Photo credit: My wonderful and talented friend, Erin Petruska Photography


Big Announcement from an Absent Blogger!



As I slowly drag myself to the 13 week mark, I am happy to announce we will be welcoming a new family member in May 2015! I also want to apologize for my lack of blogging, this pregnancy has KICKED. MY. BUTT., and so I have been stuck in survival mode, just trying to make it through the day, which has meant the other activities I enjoy….like blogging and bathing, have taken a back seat. I will try to do better as I hopefully begin to regain some energy in the upcoming second trimester!

And as much as I’ve been feeling like poop, I am over the moon excited to be adding to our family. I have always dreamed of having a large family, (although Hubby and I have different visions about what number constitutes large!) and love watching as we grow, shift and evolve as a unit through the years! I love my clan like crazy!!¬†‚ô•


Oh, and I will try to minimize the pregnancy spam (read:whining!)….but newborn baby spam, come Spring, holds no such promises ūüėČ