100th Day of Homeschool!


And just like that we have had 100 days of Mommyschool! We have read and played, learned and explored and have thoroughly enjoyed our adventure thus far!

I have been blown away (with both exhaustion and love) by this experience, but I will save my own reflection for another day.

Here’s how we celebrated 100 days of learning:

We counted to 100 using our hundreds chart and discussed how 100 was 10 groups of 10. then using 10 different water colours and Qtips we drew/dotted 100 gumballs on our gumball machine template.


We talked about how big the number 100 is. And for little ones just beginning to grasp the idea of number sense it truly is a HUGE number! I drew 2 pictures of a cup and showed them the actual cup and droppers we would use and then had the kids predict what 100 drops of water would look like.

Following their predictions we got some water (which I coloured blue to make it easier to see) and measured out 100 drops into our cups and recorded our findings. Both of them were pretty surprised at how little water we actually got from those 100 drops!


It has been frigid in our parts lately…actually all Winter, so for our daily physical activity we were indoors. We completed a 100 fitness movements challenge, which the kids LOVED and we have been doing daily ever since!

 IMG_3317  IMG_3319

We made a list of 100 words we know (even after they insisted NOBODY knows THAT many words!). And yes, ‘poop’ and ‘pee’ made the list, but so did ‘mosaic’, ‘kindness’ and ‘vehicle’, so I let it go,,,you’ve got to pick your battles, right?!


We counted out 100 Duplo blocks and experimented with what we could build with them.


We bingo-daubed 10 ten-frame caterpillars to help reinforce the concept of 100 being 10 groups of 10.


And while the littles napped, Little Momma and I had a roll the dice race to 100 – which she won, but was kind enough to help me finish, too!


We had a really fun day celebrating 100 days of homeschool, anyone else do anything to commemorate the achievement?

Cooking with Kids: Toblerone Shortbread


I love baking with my kiddos! Yes, it’s messy and makes WAY more dishes than if I just do it myself, but their excitement for the process and pride in the finished product is TOTALLY worth it!

This was our favourite new recipe over the holidays – Toblerone Shortbread Cookies –  and we used it to practice our reading and measurement skills this week!


I began by taking out all of the ingredients and measuring implements required and placing them on the table. Then I wrote out cue cards of each amount of ingredient that would be needed. I laid everything out for the kids to explore.


The kids looked at each cue card and found the matching measuring cup/spoon and ingredient. It was a great practice for number, letter and word recognition/reading.

IMG_2511 IMG_2510

If they found the correct match they got to measure it out and mix it into our recipe, which added a nice competitive streak to the whole ‘game’ of it!

IMG_2512  IMG_2514

Bonus: We even got these delicious cookies out of all that learning 🙂

Summer Book Club: The Giving Tree


If there is one thing I would REALLY love to pass on to my children, it is my love of reading and books! There is so much fun and adventure awaiting in every book and this summer we will focus on one book a week (some of my personal faves!) to share, along with some activities and/or crafts you can do with your own littles at home!

Week 6: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein


This story is one of my favourite all-time Children’s book. It’s beautiful, simple and preaches a timeless message of kindness and giving. It’s a must-read!


Story Extensions:

Apple Tree Playdough Mats

    IMG_8997 IMG_8998

I cut out, glued and laminated a simple tree pattern ahead of time. During our lesson, I had the kids tear off small pieces of red modelling clay to make apples for the tree. I used modelling clay in lieu of playdough this time for some added fine motor strengthening.

Once the kids had added their apples we solved a few math problems using the apples as manipulatives. For Mr Man (3), I would ask him to ‘pick’ a certain number of apples, this allowed him to count and verify his number sense. Little Momma (4.5) did a few subtraction questions, by first counting the total number of apples in the tree (we started with 5) and then solving how many were left after were eaten. (i.e. How many apples would be left in the tree if Daddy came and ate 3? Answer: 5 – 3 = 2)

Apple Tree Fingerpaint Craft

 IMG_8999 IMG_9002

This fun and simple craft incorporated a number of art mediums, giving way to many sensory experiences through the process!

First, the kids glued a pre-cut foam tree top onto a pre-cut sandpaper trunk, using white glue. Then they got to trace a heart on the sandpaper trunk, which was an interesting sensation! Last, they used red paint and their fingertips to add apples to their trees. The end result was cute and our conversation about the various textures throughout was an added bonus – I love when an art activity is about more than the finished product!

Collecting Leaves & Counting Tree Rings

IMG_9004  IMG_9006

A few of our crafts required leaves and so we headed out for some collecting and exploring.

We also had a few smaller tree logs in the garage, that we used to count tree rings and find their age. This was fascinating to my littles, who then looked for rings on all things 😛

Mini-Giving Trees


Using the leaves we found and some mini cardboard planters the kids arranged some little trees by poking the stems through the cardboard.

With each leaf they added we discussed a way we could be giving like the tree was in the story. Some of our ides were: share snacks, draw pictures for a sick neighbour and giving hugs!

Leaf Prints

    IMG_9010 IMG_9011

The kiddos really enjoyed making leaf-prints by stamping the various leaves we collected onto some rolled out playdough. It was fun to compare all the markings they left, too!

What are you reading this week? 

Check out our past Summer Book Club reads:

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Teachable Moments ~ Snails


{Teachable Moments} 

When I was teaching in the classroom, I was always striving to be an intentional teacher, who pounced readily on teachable moments as they would arise. And now as a parent, my philosophy is much the same. I am fueled by seizing these fleeting moments and doing my best to make them memorable for my children (and me too!).

Today I had planned to get a lot of chores done around the house. Seeing as the morning was beautiful I thought I’d take the kids into the backyard and get some tidy-up and weeding done while they played. But you know how the best laid plans seem to go…

Little Momma and I came across a couple of snails in the clothes peg basket and next thing I knew we were emerged in the study and search of their species!


We got out the magnifying glasses to get a closer look, pulled out our little bug cage and began researching the diet and habitat of snails on the iPad.


Next we were collecting some bedding and food for our little friends to help make their new home comfy! Added learning bonus: Little Momma became quite the expert on the differences between stems, leaves and flowers!


Little Momma was quite tickled with the end result and loved watching them glide around as they explored their new digs 🙂


And yes, my backyard is still disorganized and my garden needs weeding, but at least I know a bit more about snails 😉

Isn’t it so freeing and refreshing to just go with the flow sometimes? Care to share one of your recent teachable moments?