Fairy Tale Week ~ The Three Little Pigs


This week is Fairy Tales Week here at Mommy School and we have been having a blast learning some of our favourite stories through play!

Our week began with the classic tale of Three Little Pigs (Little Golden Book), a cute story about the pay-off of thinking smart and working hard – **spoiler alert** hard work saves you from being a wolf’s lunch!

Read on for a few of our favourite activities from this story.

Little Pig Paper Plate Masks


We each made one of these sweet little piggie mask to use for our story re-tellings. Mr Man especially enjoyed declaring, “Not by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin!”.


To make your own, all you need is pink paint, paintbrushes, paper plates, marshmallows (for the nose), googly eyes, glue and some black paint for nostrils. Then allow the littles in your life to create away!


Nature Collage

I provided a page with 3 little houses and some glue and asked the kids to find materials from the yard to depict each of the little pigs houses. They did a wonderful job choosing grass for the straw house, twigs for the house of sticks and pebbles & rocks for the house of bricks.



Puppet Sticks with Sensory Bin

A simple sensory-story bin containing grass clippings, small sticks and an assortments of rocks, as well as some stick puppets I made using these printables. The kids spent the better part of the day re-enacting the story with the puppets by creating little homes for each pig, before having the wolf come along!



Science Investigation: Testing the durability of each building material

This one was by far the favourite of the day, especially given the hot weather. Using some leftover Easter grass, a few popsicle sticks and a brick, Little Momma and Mr Man took turns being the Big Bad Wolf blowing down the house building materials using the hose. They found that both the ‘straw’ and ‘sticks’ moved easily, while the brick could not be budged.

DSCN0677   DSCN0683

DSCN0678   DSCN0685

DSCN0679   DSCN0686

(Side Note: If using a hose isn’t an option, the activity can alternatively be done inside, using a hairdryer in lieu of the hose)

Related tales we also read and loved:

Big Bad Wolf is Good

A cute tale by Simon Puttock of the Big Bad Wolf trying to do some good to help turn his reputation around.


The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

A fun retelling of the original story written by Jon Scieszka.

In this fractured fairytale, the Big Bad Wolf  retells of how a request for a cup of sugar and the common cold, was a simple misunderstanding blown completely out of proportion!

Have you read this fairytale yet? Do you have any other activities to add? Would love to hear and see what you’ve been up to!