Family Fire Drill


 One of Little Momma’s favourite things to do is practice our home fire drill plan. This kid is not only cautious, but also quite insistent on being prepared for all scenarios (much like her Momma 😉 ).

So when one of our good friends had his awesome firefighter-themed birthday party (complete with a tour of a fire station!), you can bet her little mind was spinning with how our own emergency plan added up against the pros.

 IMG_3604  IMG_3606

Following the party the kids thoughts and play were only of fire and rescue! And as soon as the little kids were up from nap, Little Momma ushered us to the table to get to work on creating a map of our fire and emergency plan, using the awesome templates we got from the fire station!

  IMG_3657 IMG_3658

We have 2 separate exit plans and have discussed a number of scenarios with the kids on when each one would be used. However, instead of having one central meeting place, we have one in the front yard and one in the back yard, seeing as our kids are still quite young and wouldn’t be able to leave our fenced backyard without help. We do plan to merge to one central meeting spot once they are a bit older.

We practiced our primary escape route first, which is out to our front yard, where we convene by the largest and furthest tree.

 IMG_3660 IMG_3661

Then, we tried a backyard emergency exit, where we meet at the furthest point by the back fence, until an adult is there, the kids know to wait.


Every time we do a drill we are sure to discuss the importance of feeling doors for heat before opening them, crawling beneath smoke, staying visible (NEVER hiding) and calling for help if you’re trapped, as well as how to Stop, Drop and Roll should your clothing catch fire.

 IMG_3662  IMG_3663


         STOP                                                   DROP                                              ROLL!    


Although this can be a difficult topic to discuss, let alone role play with your family, as you never want to actually live this experience. The confidence it gives your children is invaluable, people who are prepared act faster and smarter under pressure in emergencies. You WANT your kids to be in the know!

Practice your family fire drill today and then again every couple of months to keep it fresh in everyone’s mind. Let your children’s questions help fuel your own preparedness in keeping your home as safe as it can be.

And if you aren’t lucky enough to have a friend with such a sweet birthday party, contact your local fire department for a tour and some of their awesome resources!