Cooking with Kids: Pigs in a Blanket



This Summer, I have been working extra hard at saying ‘yes’, whenever I can. And I’ve found that when I do say ‘yes’ to the little things (i.e. not matters of safety or respect), my ‘no’s’ are accepted far more readily. So when Little Momma asked to make dinner for us last week – YES!!


My bossy mini-me requested ‘pigs in a blanket’, which, if you’ve never eaten the delicacy, is hot dogs wrapped in a crescent roll. She also made it VERY clear that she was doing this ALL BY HERSELF, but seeing as she can’t read yet, I was allowed to read the instructions, oh and open the stove (for safety, of course!).


She preheated the oven and set the timer and then got to work rolling the hot dogs into the pastry.

   IMG_8726  IMG_8724

As they baked she helped cut up some veggies, took everyone’s drink orders and even set the table!


And just like that dinner was served – not exactly gourmet, but the fact that Little Momma made it herself made it all the better, and bought great street-cred (or would that be table-cred?!) with the other littles!

Her pride was written all over her face, which is such a beautiful thing to see 🙂