Cooking with Kids: Toblerone Shortbread


I love baking with my kiddos! Yes, it’s messy and makes WAY more dishes than if I just do it myself, but their excitement for the process and pride in the finished product is TOTALLY worth it!

This was our favourite new recipe over the holidays – Toblerone Shortbread Cookies –  and we used it to practice our reading and measurement skills this week!


I began by taking out all of the ingredients and measuring implements required and placing them on the table. Then I wrote out cue cards of each amount of ingredient that would be needed. I laid everything out for the kids to explore.


The kids looked at each cue card and found the matching measuring cup/spoon and ingredient. It was a great practice for number, letter and word recognition/reading.

IMG_2511 IMG_2510

If they found the correct match they got to measure it out and mix it into our recipe, which added a nice competitive streak to the whole ‘game’ of it!

IMG_2512  IMG_2514

Bonus: We even got these delicious cookies out of all that learning 🙂

Letter of the Week ~ I


 Although my personal philosophy of letter learning is that they cannot be studied in isolation and should be learned in the context of words, as this is how we see them most often, we have a letter of the week at Mommy School.

Why, you may ask, do I do something opposite to what I just finished saying I believe in? Well, for one, we don’t study the one letter in isolation. Typically, we complete a letter craft, create a search and find sensory bin using items that begin with that letter, learn about the various sounds the letter makes in different parts of words (because the English language is crazy!) and plan our weekly fieldtrip to somewhere that begins with our letter. Sometimes, I include the letter in other ways throughout our week, but that’s often just a sweet combination of luck and coincidence!

Here’s what we got up to for Letter I Week:

Letter Dictionary:

Each of my older children gets the chance to find a hidden object that begins with our letter of the week from the rice bin. This week Little Momma chose some Indian corn and Mr Man selected an ice-cream scoop.

IMG_1008     IMG_1007

I take a photo of the kids with their chosen objects and then have them complete their dictionary page. Little Momma writes a sentence and illustrates, “I is for Indian corn.” and Mr Man copies the upper and lower case letter and then draws his chosen object.


Letter Craft:

I is for Iguana.

IMG_1010   IMG_1012
To make your own: Pre-cut an upper-case letter I from green construction paper. Provide an iguana’s head and tail, googly eyes and of course a red tongue for the details.


Field Trip: 

Our field trip this week was to our local Reptile Zoo and Insectarium, Little Ray’s Reptiles. The kids enjoyed looking at the insect display and then learned more when the zoo keepers did a special presentation on insects and the amphibians and reptiles which feed on insects!

IMG_1023  IMG_1033  IMG_1027

We picked up a fun package of insects as a souvenir of our trip and the kids really loved sorting them and making imprints in playdough!

IMG_1046  IMG_1048  IMG_1050


Journal Writing: 

To end-off our week the kids each spend some time writing in their journals about our field trip. Often it is pictures for my younger guy with a few scribed sentences, while my eldest will write a few simple sentences on her own, using her word wall, ‘best guess’ spelling and some assistance from myself (she’s my perfectionist!).

IMG_1045 IMG_1044

Fairy Tale Week ~ Goldilocks and the Three Bears


 Second up for Fairy Tales Week was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. A tale that shows that things aren’t always what they seem, case in point, sometimes the big, scary bears are kind and the little, innocent girl is a meanie!

Pudding Painting


Finger Painting with pudding is both fun and tasty! All you need is some chocolate pudding and some bear cut-outs…oh and some kids who won’t mind snacking on the leftover pudding 😉


Teddy Bear Counting

Using Teddy Graham cookies to show one-to-one correspondence. Mr Man did numbers 1-5 and Little Momma showed up to 10.


Sorting by Size

Create a chart or individual pages for each bear {Papa, Mama and Baby} that coordinates with its respective size {big, medium and small}. Discuss these words and their meanings and allow the children to match-up story items accordingly.


I found and printed off bears, chairs, bowls and beds in varying sizes from here.


Hard and Soft Bin


Collect a variety of hard and soft items ( I used food from the play kitchen) into a bin.

Label two bins “hard” and “soft”, respectively. Talk about the words and what they mean. Show your child an example from each category and let them feel the difference between the two.

Then allow your child to sort the items, using their sense of touch to help them categorize each item.

Nesting Bears


I found these sweet, little nesting bears online here – they were fun to colour and assemble and have since become a very popular game for Little Momma and Mr Man to play independently (unexpected bonus!).


Another unexpected learning outcome was my own realization that colouring is fun for grown-ups too! Its calming effect has been an excellent and more than welcome bonus and has become Little Momma and my favourite quiet time activity to do together while the younger kiddos nap!

Porridge Sensory Bin


Grab 3 bears, 3 chairs, 3 bowls and 3 spoons and set-up them up around a bin filled with dry oats {bonus points if you have a yellow-haired doll to play Goldilocks!}. Allow your children to explore – their imaginations will have them retelling and then rewriting the fairy tale in no time!

Related tales we also read and loved:

Goldilocks and the Three Bears – a sweet retelling of the classic tale featuring a skipping Goldilocks!

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs: As Retold by Mo Willems – a hilarious version of the story, sure to make everyone laugh!

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox – poor Goldie is feeling under the weather and has to deal with a pesky brother on top of it – luckily she has many storybook friends who care!

Have you read this fairytale yet? Do you have any other activities to add? Would love to hear and see what you’ve been up to!