“Frozen” ~ Birthday Party



Somehow, though it only seems like I blinked, this little girl who made me a Momma is 5 years old – a whole hand, it’s crazy!


 IMG_2478  IMG_2479

Though there are many difficulties about having a child’s birthday around the holidays, it’s pretty fun when you find a way to work it to your advantage!

Little Momma has caught the Frozen-bug, bad…going on a year now! So we knew a Frozen-theme would be top request. I saw these cute DIY melted snowman ornaments on Pinterest and thought they’d fit lovely with an invite to build a snowman!


 We did mostly Target and Dollar Store finds for balloons, tablecloths, plates, napkins, hanging swirl decorations and the sign pictured above.

We also added an effect of Winter with some frozen marble balloons to line the walkway with, seeing as we had no snow here over the holidays.


For snack we had these cute ‘Melted Olaf’ pudding cups with some blue lemonade we called ‘Frozen Waters’.


For lunch I laid out some potluck-style items with little signs that read as follows:

  • “We finish each others…sandwiches” – assorted sandwiches
  • “Trolls” – meatballs
  • “Olaf’s Noses” – carrots and dip
  • “Sven’s Snacks” – cheese and crackers
  • “Olaf’s Arms” – pretzel sticks
  • “Frozen Hearts” – white chocolate dipped strawberries

The cake is always my favourite part. See, I got it in my head early on that I always wanted to make each child’s birthday cake, so it’s special for me. I feel like all of the birthday details and fuss will probably wash away in memories, but that the love that goes into these perfectly, imperfect cakes that their Momma makes will be felt forever {I’m cheesy like that!}.

Our Frozen Elsa cake was created using three round 8 inch chocolate cakes stacked and covered with blue icing. The snowflakes were made using white chocolate piped onto wax paper and set. The ice shards in behind Elsa were made using this recipe for blue rock candy.



It’s fun to get to an age where kids can play games at parties! Here are a few that we enjoyed:

Pin the nose on Olaf

I free-handed an Olaf outline and cut out one carrot per child. The kids had fun spinning and trying to pin on Olaf’s nose!


We had planned to be outside for some snowball toss and snowman building, but alas the weather would not bring snow! And so we played a snowball toss game using baskets and styrofoam balls, along with this alternative snowman activity.

Building Little Snow-Girls

Using toilet paper, button and carrot cut-outs, along with some scarves, the mom’s wrapped up their daughters and turned them into little wadding snowmen – it was pretty cute!

IMG_2349      IMG_2331


For lootbags, I found some plastic Frozen cups at the Dollar Store and we filled them with some blue jellybeans, a wand, some Frozen glitter temporary tattoos and a Frozen bracelet and necklace. They were wrapped in cellophane and tied with a note that said, “Thanks ‘snow’ much for coming”.


Happy Birthday to my amazing Little Momma – we are so very proud of the girl you are becoming – may all of your wishes come true!


And a BIG thank-you to all of our wonderful friends and family who helped us celebrate another year of loving you! xoxox

Leezoo: Day 11


This morning we found Leezoo held up in bed with a broken leg. Poor little lad tripped on the kids mess of toys in the playroom when he returned from the North Pole late last night.


 Leezoo thought it might be a good idea for the kids to pick-up their toys and each choose one they could share with a child who has fewer toys than they. The kids were great about choosing toys they liked, but were willing to part with, which we dropped off to the Salvation Army. 🙂


Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 10


Today Leezoo was found playing board games with some of the kids toys!


He must have known we were attending a Homeschool Workshop today, as he suggested we try to befriend someone new and be extra kind!


 Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 9


Today we found Leezoo making “elf-angels” in our rice bin.


He asked that today the kids choose an angel from a local Angel Tree Program and choose gifts to buy for them.


Little Momma chose an 8 year old girl, while Mr Man chose an 11 year old boy. They decided together that each child would like a pair of pajamas and a toy. And took great care in selecting those that would be ‘just right’ for their chosen angels. It truly is a beautiful thing to watch your children bestow kindness onto others <3

IMG_1804 IMG_1805

Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 8


 Today Leezoo, the elf, was found hiding in our fridge and had written ‘Merry Christmas’ across all of our eggs!


He suggested the kids make dinner for Mommy and Daddy tonight, which was an act of kindness if I ever heard of one!! 😉

IMG_1748  IMG_1751

They decided on making us eggy pies (muffin tin omelettes) and toast! We ate an hour later then usual, the kitchen was a disaster, but they did it all themselves. And dinner was delicious!

IMG_1752 IMG_1753

Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Leezoo: Day 7


Leezoo is missing his Sister elf, Leah today! So he has asked darling Snow White to play Leah’s part and spend the day sunning on the beach together!


He thinks the kids should think of ways to be nice to their own siblings today and then spend the day showing each other EXTRA kindness!


And look, they all played nicely within the same camera frame!

Check back daily for updates on how our Elf on the Shelf is helping to promote kindness this Holiday season!

Adventures of Leezoo 2014


Do you “elf on the shelf”?

We are avid “elf on the shelfers” and love the fun and joy it brings to our household each year! My hubby and I are forever thinking of new adventures that our elf, Leezoo, can get up too. It’s like reliving a tiny bit of the magic and wonder that is Christmas when you’re a child (and we’re all about being kids again!!).

This year, however, I was really wanting our elf to be more than a threat or looming reminder that “Santa is ALWAYS watching”. Although I cannot say I’m not guilty of ever using the Santa bargaining chip, I would prefer if my children learn to behave year-round, not because of a bribery for presents, but because they are learning that that is the RIGHT thing to do.

After coming across The Imagination Trees kindness elves at the end of last year’s Elf on the Shelf season, I knew I wanted to incorporate an element of community service and kindness into Leezoo’s shenanigans this year! And so begins Leezoo’s adventures for Christmas 2014! Come see what he gets up to and find out how he is encouraging kindness, while still getting up to his notorious mischief!

Day 1: Leezoo’s arrival – Wrapped our Christmas tree in toilet paper

Day 2: Leezoo is covered in band-aids

Day 3: Leezoo is baking up a storm

Day 4: Leezoo is supporting the army men

Day 5: Leezoo is a bird on a bird feeder

Day 6: Leezoo hangs Christmas socks by the fire


Come back to see what silly Leezoo gets up to next!

I will be posting each day with Leezoo’s silly mischief and the act of kindness he has suggested 🙂