Art Appreciation: Kadinsky


I love the arts, especially the creativity it evokes in young people. However, my own artistic ability, as it relates to visual arts, is very limited, and so I thought a fun way to integrate it into our school plan for the year would be through monthly Art Appreciation projects.

Back in February we tried our hands at the abstract works of Wassily Kandinsky. 


After discussing Kadinsky’s background as a founding father of abstract art and exploring how he believed shapes and colours evoked feelings in people (i.e. squares would bring on a sense of calm), we got to work making own interpretations of his painting, Farbstudie Quadrate” (pictured above).

IMG_3522   IMG_3525

Using large lengths of easel paper taped to the floor we drew in the squares with pencil and then began painting circles with watercolour paints. The kids enjoyed choosing a variety of colours and worked hard to make each of their circles unique.

IMG_3524  IMG_3528

The finished masterpieces were both colourful and individiual!

IMG_3531   IMG_3529